The Burgess House
The Burgess House

219 North St., Meyersdale, PA
"Stay at the Mayor's"

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For a decade we have loved making our family house your home away from home! Now it is time for us to be the guests! So, we will retire with fond memories of many lovely, interesting and kind visitors who took gentle care of JC's, our great grandfather's, home! It's been our pleasure!

Graceful and inviting, the 1897 Eastlake Victorian home of Burgess JC Hostetler offers guests comfort, quiet and convenience in the town's historic residential district. The house sleeps nine with shared and private baths; secure indoor bike storage, A/C, TV and kitchen beverage service. Reserve a single room or the full house. Vacation rentals and extended stays receive privileges in the fully equipped kitchen.

"We enjoyed the historic comfort of your family home. The cold water in the fridge was a delight coming off the bike trail. Thanks"

Neil Tishman, M.D.
Poland, Ohio

"A houseful of Yockatomac trekkers enjoyed you hospitality and how easy you made it to work with you. We will certainly be back"

Yockatomac Coordinator

The Burgess House

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